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AUGUST 21, 2014

Mattawamkeag man dies of injuries sustained in Aug. 4 crash in Winn

BANGOR – A Mattawamkeag man had died of injuries he sustained in an Aug. 4 car crash. David Smart, 65, of Mattawamkeag died on Aug. 10 at Eastern Maine Medical Center, according to an obituary posted by Clay Funeral Home. He was a passenger in a car driven by his wife, Lois Smart, on U.S. Route 2 in Winn on Aug. 4 when their car was struck by a car driven by Brad Curtis, 29, of Passadumkeag.

Howland selectmen urging calm in Wednesday meeting with PRRT leaders

HOWLAND – A meeting is planned Wednesday night featuring leaders of the Penobscot River Restoration Trust at the town hall, starting at 6 p.m., after the deadline for this week’s edition of the Lincoln News. Town officials were looking at ways to keep the meeting civil when the issue arose at Monday’s selectmen’s meeting. Chairman Glenn Brawn felt that a moderator should be used at the meeting and urged people to be respectful when making points.

Gary Smart cited for third operating after suspension charge

LINCOLN - A local man continues to find himself in legal trouble after being charged with operating after suspension for a third time. Gary Smart, 59, of Lincoln was seen driving to Lincoln District Court despite having a suspended driver’s license and having already been charged with operating after suspension, according to Lincoln Detective Mark Fucile. Smart has been charged with operating after suspension after Officer John Walsh saw Smart drive himself to court to the courthouse, according to Fucile.

Fox book already making tracks for local wildlife photographer

LINCOLN – For years, local photographer Roger Stevens has been photographing wildlife and has been looking to share that love in book form. That dream has now become a reality with the recent release of “What Do Baby Foxes Do?,” a book 10 years in the making. Stevens, who has already sold nearly 100 copies of the book, will appear at a book signing event at the Lincoln Memorial Library on Aug. 20 at 4 p.m. The book is a rhyming tome, including photographs of a family of foxes taken earlier this year in Lincoln, as well as fun facts about foxes sprinkled throughout the book.

East selectmen set August 20 as date for cuts, small payment promised

EAST MILLINOCKET – In what’s beginning to feel like a scene from “Groundhog Day,” a movie where the same day keeps happening over and over again, the East Millinocket Board of Selectmen met again but failed to make any final decisions on municipal cuts or values to the idle Great Northern Paper (GNP) mill and Great Lakes Hydro America (GLHA) dams at a regular board meeting Monday afternoon. Board Chairman Gary MacLeod set Wednesday, Aug. 20 as the new meeting at which board members will vote on proposed cuts. There was no discussion on setting the mill or dam values at that time. The town is still waiting payment on the $657,000 (plus interest) in overdue taxes owed the town and is looking at a mill rate in the 30’s per thousand depending on the values set on the mill and dams.

Tax rate drops to 29.60, divided council approves lower interest for late taxes

MILLINOCKET—By unanimous votes last week the Millinocket Town Council approved setting the municipality’s mil rate for tax year 2014 at 29.60 per $1,000 assessed valuation and establishing Sept. 22 and Jan. 20, 2015 as the due dues for the two halves of the municipal property tax payments. But the unanimity ended when it came time for councilors to set the interest rate for delinquent tax payments. The council initially tabled the motion to set the interest rate before opting to reconsider it later in the meeting at the urging of the town’s tax assessor. Following a discussion that included advice from an audience member on how to proceed in accordance with Robert’s Rules of Order, a divided council voted to lower the proposed interest rate on late tax payments from 7 percent to 3 percent.

Schenck renovations on track, school to open as scheduled

EAST MILLINOCKET—EAST MILLINOCKET—School Department Superintendent Quenten Clark has some unfortunate news for students of Opal Myrick Elementary School and Schenck High School who were hoping for an extended summer vacation due to ongoing renovations at the building. “School will be open as scheduled,” said Clark, who noted the eight-week, $2 million renovation at the school that houses elementary and high school students from East Millinocket, Medway and Woodville is progressing well and will be sufficiently completed in time for students to return on Sept. 2. Clark said some aspects of the massive project are ahead of schedule while some others are lagging behind, but overall he is pleased with the progress that has been made by Devoe Construction of Eagle Lake.

Medway Board of Selectmen accepts new fire policies

MEDWAY – The Medway Board of Selectmen gave its complete support to new fire chief Jon “Bucky” Buckingham by approving new fire department policies and telling him that it’s his department to run and they aren’t going to micro-manage him. Buckingham was appointed interim fire chief and then given the reigns after former chief Brian McLaughlin left a couple of months ago. Selectmen met with fire department personnel to discuss issues shortly thereafter and hoped that the meeting would create a positive beginning for the department moving forward. In addition, Buckingham was asked to assemble policies for board review and approval. Selectmen approved those polices Monday evening and again showed their support to the chief. “It’s your department,” Selectman Barry Davis said, “you are the chief you run it and we support you.”