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November 30, 2017

Officer assault emphasizes “inadequate” police coverage

LINCOLN - On Saturday, November 25, Sgt. John Walsh was on duty alone, a regular occurrence in town despite a rapidly growing call volume due to a steadily growing crime problem - especially drug-related and domestic violence - when the call came in about a domestic violence assault. The victim and caller waited for him at the Circle K on West Broadway. At 4:30 in the afternoon it was already dark, though the parking lot was well lit. There was not a lot of people there when he arrived, but as soon as he began speaking with the victim, a man approached, hands in his pockets and presenting himself in an aggressive manner. “Amped for a fight” as someone familiar with the scene described it.

Tannery plans, TIFs topics for Howland's December 13 meeting

HOWLAND – Town residents are invited for an evening of soup and economic development updates when the town's economic development committee next meets. The Dec. 13 meeting will take place at the American Legion Post 97 hall on 4 Front Street in Howland, starting at 6 p.m. with the serving of soup and refreshments. The committee will discuss the benefit of tax increment financing as it looks to redevelop the former Pine Tree Tannery site, noted Glenn Brawn, chairman of the town's economic development committee, on Tuesday.

Winn, "Keag officials meet to discuss public safety contract

WINN - Monday night, selectmen here met with Mattawamkeag selectmen John Whitehouse, Steve Worster and fire chief Mike Coombs to discuss the fire contract between the two towns.  Both parties had previously met and Winn selectmen had asked Mattawamkeag to come back to them with a proposal for coverage. The first option would be to charge $15,000 a year, with no billing of individuals' hourly rate until the limit is met.  Option #2 would be to pay a $25,000 flat fee for the year, regardless of the amount of calls.  Mattawamkeag officials told the board that the town's five year average for calls has run around $15,000 yearly.

SAD 30 board given more info on school building options

WINN – School Administrative District 30 board members were provided more information as they mull what to do with their school buildings in the coming months. The board is due in January to hear from architect Stephen Blatt of Portland, who has been hired by SAD 30 to study the district's three school buildings (Lee-Winn Elementary School, Mt. Jefferson Junior High School in Lee and the Edith Lombard School in Springfield). The study was approved by the board to provide information about each building, including condition and potential required upgrades, to help the board decide a potential course of action.

Enfield town manager hopes King's Bridge will soon be lit

ENFIELD – The King's Bridge over the Penobscot River between Enfield and Howland has been open to traffic for more than a year. A few months ago, light poles paid for by both towns were installed. The bridge, though, remains unlit, a source of frustration for leaders of both communities. Monday afternoon, Enfield Town Manager Theresa Thurlow explained to fellow selectmen that she has been told that bridge should be illuminated "directly." "I will give it this week," she told the board.

Enfield special town meeting to discuss pawn shop ordinance, TIF dissolution

ENFIELD – A pawn shop ordinance and the dissolution of a tax increment finance district will be part of a Dec. 18 special town meeting. Selectmen approved the calling of a special town meeting on Dec. 18 at 6 p.m. at the town office to handle the two items.

Virginia woman jailed for domestic assault

LINCOLN - A Virginia Beach, Va. woman was apprehended early Saturday morning when a Thanksgiving visit to relatives in the area with her husband turned violent. Megan Potter, 58, was charged with Domestic Violence Assault after Officers Chad Perkins and Seth Burnes responded to a family fight on West Broadway. 

Ella P. Burr teacher helps choking student

LINCOLN – The quick thinking of an Ella P. Burr Elementary School teacher saved one of her students from choking earlier this month, according to Regional School Unit 67 Superintendent Dr. Keith Laser. According to Laser, third grade teacher Erika Brawn had to use the Heimlich maneuver two weeks ago to help one of her students. The student was choking on a carrot, Laser explained, when Brawn went into action and freed the obstruction.

Town to save money for employees' insurance

LINCOLN - With a vote of 6-1, town council members voted last week to hire Med-A-Vision to manage a Health Reimbursement Arrangement for employees.  The council also voted to adopt the Maine Municipal Employees Health Trust Plan PPO-2500.  By combining the two plans, Lincoln taxpayers will save approximately $29,500.  Carl McNally from Med-A-Vision explained how the system would work to the council and employees attending the workshop.  He cautioned that not all insurance plans are the best just because of a lower deductible as 82 percent of people under the age of 65 either use none of their benefits, or less than $1000 worth a year.

Millinocket man cited for inadequate tires after vehicle rollover incident

MILLINOCKET—A Millinocket man was cited for inadequate tires following a single-vehicle rollover accident last week on Route 157. Shaun Raynes was issued the violations bureau citation after three of the four tires on his 2005 Jeep Liberty were found to have “absolutely no tread” with the steel belt showing following the crash that took place shortly before 8 a.m. on Nov. 22, according to information from Millinocket Deputy Police Chief Janet Theriault.

Medway to begin fire talks with E. Millinocket

MEDWAY – Two weeks after talking with East Millinocket Fire Chief/Ambulance Supervisor Les Brown about interest in exploring joint services, Medway Selectmen received a letter from Brown offering his department’s services. The letter also states a willingness to negotiate “the future of our departments; whether it be consolidating or contracting services.” The board’s interest in talking with Brown stems from the resignation of former Fire Chief Jon Buckingham who left his position Nov. 17 but remains on the department as a volunteer firefighter.

Police probing crash that sends Millinocket woman to hospital

MILLINOCKET—The Millinocket Police Department is continuing to investigate a two-vehicle accident earlier this month that sent a 48-year old Millinocket woman to the hospital with facial injuries. According to information from Deputy Chief Janet Theriault of the Millinocket Police Department, the accident occurred around 1:45 p.m. on Nov. 19 when a 2010 Subaru driven by Karen Bradford was rear-ended by a 2006 Subaru operated by Scott Leavitt, Jr., 34, of Millinocket. Bradford’s vehicle was going east on Central Street when it stopped to make a left turn into the Circle K parking lot. It was struck from behind by Leavitt’s eastbound vehicle with the impact of the crash sending Bradford’s vehicle down an embankment between Circle K and the former Katahdin Gateway Insurance building.

Council agrees to pay fire related medical expenses

MILLINOCKET—There have been several serious fires of late and that taxes the capacity of the Fire Department and often necessitates calling in extra volunteers and nearby fire departments from neighboring towns. Usually fires are manned by trained personnel and volunteers who normally respond to the emergency. On a rare occasion, a nearby resident may get involved. The situation is not one normally covered under the policies of the Fire Department or the Town. However, in gratitude to a bad situation that could have become much worse, the Council drew Order #309-2017 to make payment for medical costs at the regular Council meeting on Monday, November 27.

Council receives notice of bond for sewer repairs

MILLINOCKET—The Town Council was informed of approval for a bond to help pay for necessary sewer repairs in the town. Manager John Davis informed Councilors of notice that was received from Michael R. Goodwin, Executive Director of Maine Municipal Bond Bank (MMBB). The bond amount is for 3 million dollars through MMBB for 30 years. “It is my pleasure to inform you that the Commission of the Maine Municipal Bond Bank have approved the request from the Town of Millinocket for a $3,005,000 loan for thirty years to be funded from the Clean Water State Revolving Loan Fund Program (CWSRF),” Goodwin wrote. Up to $5,000 of the loan may be forgiven by Maine’s Department of Environmental Protection (MDEP) pending compliance with MDEP and/or CWSRF.

Selectmen warn Medway winter parking ordinance will be enforced

MEDWAY – Selectmen want the public to know that the Winter Parking Ordinance will be enforced to the fullest extent this year in the hopes of eliminating the past issues of citizens parking in the way of school busses and plow trucks. Administrative Assistant Kathy Lee said the town “isn’t going to mess around this year,” with vehicles and Board Chairman Bruce Jones said violators of the ordinance will be towed. The Winter Park Ordinance states, “The parking of any motor vehicle of any kind on or in the highway or any public way in the Town of Medway shall be prohibited from November 1 to April 1, between the hours of 11 p.m. and 7 a.m. Violation of this ordinance shall necessitate the vehicle being towed away at the request of a police officer or public works official.”

Millinocket man arrested on warrants, busted for drugs found in cell phone

MILLINOCKET—A 21-year old Millinocket man was arrested last week on two outstanding warrants and also charged for allegedly possessing drugs concealed in his cell phone. Joshua Rogan was taken into custody Nov. 22 on the outstanding warrants and transported to the Penobscot County Jail in Bangor. He was also issued a summons to appear Jan. 3 in Millinocket District Court on a charge of unlawful possession of schedule W drugs when suboxone was allegedly found hidden in his cell phone.

Cox asks selectmen, planning board for help with plan

MEDWAY – Medway Comprehensive Planning Committee Chairman Bruce Cox met with Medway Selectmen Nov. 20 to update them on the progress of the committee and to ask for their help and input in putting together the committee’s draft pla Cox said as he has learned more about the information needed in a comprehensive plan, both he and other committee members realized that more involvement from selectmen and the planning board is needed. In fact, much of the implementation of the plan will be done by the two boards so it’s only logical that members are more involved in the process. Cox said he was at the meeting to ask for more selectmen’s involvement and intended to go to the next planning board meeting to ask the same of those members. He told selectmen that Committee Secretary Charity Rudge was working to incorporate the history and relevant facts from the 1992 plan into the current draft using the new laptop purchased by the town. He said that is making it easier to put a more complete document together and more workshops digging into other departments such as public services, land use, a natural resource inventory and use, transportation, demographics and local economy are planned. “As we develop this more responsibility is going to fall onto the planning board and selectmen,” Cox said.